Engagement Session

Engagement, Engagement Session

Juri & Shawn | Montecito, CA

My two amazing friends, Juri and Shawn came to visit this for the forth of July weekend. I immediately saw the opportunity to shoot a quick engagement session with them and surprised them with my great idea as soon as they arrived.. They were not as excited as I was for this shoot but I managed to drag them out to Westmont College to get them photographed. They ended up getting really into it and modeled like champs! Thank you Juri and Shawn!


Engagement, Engagement Session

Brianna & Harry | Crystal Cove, CA

I recently became friends with a sweet girl named Brianna, who is a fellow Brooks student and a great photographer. She was kind enough to volunteer herself and her boyfriend, thanks Harry (lol), for an engagement assignment. We shot in the beaches of Crystal Cove, CA where there usually is not much of a crowd, which makes a perfect beach environment for a shoot. Thank you Bri and Harry!