Los Angeles

Architecture Photography

Walt Disney Concert Hall | Architectography*

On my way back to Santa Barbara, I stopped in LA to do some twilight and ambient light balance tests. The most interesting place I could think of was the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The lights reflecting off the intricate design of the building are wild! With the twilight sky, city lights, and illumination from passing cars and street lights, you'll begin to see a symphony of colors emerge from the heart of Los Angeles.


Look Book, Outdoor Portrait, Fashion

The Classic | Los Angeles, CA

Earlier this year I had an amazing opportunity to work with The Classic , a women's apparel store based in Los Angeles. The project was an online look book that would feature their newest line of clothing. The models were Sam and Michaela, and they were great to work with. The look book shoot is just a hint of this trending company's selections. Check out their site! http://www.lovetheclassic.com

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 3.22.45 AM.png