Erin & Doug | Levyland Estates | Carlsbad, CA

This awesome couple, Erin Mun and Doug Dillard (Mundillard), planned and prepared a their own DIY wedding. From the table settings to the cake and desserts, every detail of the wedding decor was a perfect representation of the couple's unique personalities. An intimate beach ceremony was followed by a lovely quaint reception at the Levyland Estates in Carlsbad, CA. With the help of Viv and Pam at Love Anne Joy Design & Events, Erin and Doug created a distinct wedding where they celebrated their spirited union with close family and friends.


Isaiah | Newborn Shoot

Meet Isaiah. I had the amazing honor of photographing Annie and Daniel's newborn son, Isaiah S. Choi, immediately after his birth and also two weeks after his birth for his Newborn shoot. Thank you for giving me the blessed opportunity to shoot your engagement, wedding, and now your handsome newborn son. God bless your new family!

Salton Sea | Zone Systems

I've finally found the time to develop and print my negatives in the darkroom. My weapon of choice is the Mamiya 645 Pro with an 80mm F/1.9 lens. This is my very first medium format camera and I love it! We had an amazing camping trip with our Zone Systems class for the weekend shooting film and exploring the abandoned areas around the Salton Sea. Here are some of my shots with the Ilford Delta 100 film.